Donald MacDonald  
CEO RooterMan Plumbing Franchise

Becky is a very talented writer, she does a great job at capturing the message you want to convey. She is a pleasure to work with and is very professional. I would highly recommend Becky for any project. She gets the job done with positive results!


Kory rista
Healthcare Consultant
Navent Medical Solutions

I am extremely pleased with your work on the website for Pinnacle Medical Network and I am excited about future projects.


Teahnna Donaubauer
N-2 Publishing

First of all, fabulous article!!!! Being your first for The Vista, I have to say I am very excited for more to come! I was smiling ear-to-ear.


Shane Mutter, CEO
Doerr Furniture

The blogs on 'Finding The Flavor of Your Neighborhood' look great!!

kathleen Wilkin
Owner, safeguard 

I have great news about one of the articles you wrote for me on business - we made 'The Huffington Post!' Thanks Becky! I Love working with you.


Lauren Lightfoot

In a positive nod to you, we have not worked with a copywriter that has taken the time to really research and/or spend the time needed to produce the quality of work you have delivered. This is great and I am thrilled about what you can offer us.



David Rive', General Manager
eatriz Ball Collection

Great batch of catalog descriptions. The descriptions all hit on the main points. Looking forward to seeing more.


Teahnna Donaubauer, N-2 Publishing

Becky, your articles add so much depth and a personal touch to The Vista. We cannot thank you enough! Glad to have you on our team.


Kathryn Ory
Business Development
he Gray Insurance Company 

I've heard a lot of positive feedback about your interviews and your writing. Everyone is very pleased with your work. Thank you so much!


Renee Thibodeaux
he Fertility Institute 

t has been my pleasure working with you. You really helped facilitate these biographies.


Nicole Morrison Design  Consultant
Doerr Furniture 

Thanks again for all the hard work! You made me sound great! ;)


Cathy Larimer
Editor, The Vista

Your feature article this month is great and very imaginative! I truly enjoyed it. I am getting a lot of positive feedback on your articles.


Dr. Israel Finger                              
more Smiles Dental Spa

The article on Digital Dentures is great. I am looking forward to seeing it in print in Senior Living magazine and advertising in it as well.


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